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Three Things to Do Before Purchasing a Polaris Side-by-Side

Three Things to Do Before Purchasing a Polaris Side-by-Side

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 28 October 2016 | Comments


A Few Tips to Purchasing a Polaris Side-by-Side

The side-by-side utility ATV (or UTV) market has grown substantially in the last decade with many manufacturers catering to an extremely broad variety of uses in this market. As a prospective Polaris side-by-side purchaser, it is important that you consider three things as you anticipate your UTV purchase.

Determining Your Polaris Side-by-Side UTV Needs

As a prospective UTV buyer, it is important to consider how you will be using your Polaris Side-by-Side. Will you be using it primarily for farm work and towing? Will you be using it for recreational off-roading? Do you need to consider ground clearance for nature’s potholes as your traverse a trail or an unplowed field?  Will you need constant 4WD or do you want the ability to switch between 2WD & 4WD as needed?

If you will be towing, will you need a dumping box with lift assist? And what kind of tow hitch? How powerful of an engine will you need? The availability of accessories for your side-by-side can be a major influence in determining what model of Polaris Side-by-Side to purchase and it is helpful to create a written list of accessories as you research and plan your UTV needs. Will you want to add accessories in the future such as an enclosure, a heater, or a stereo?

S&H Farm Supply, with our large inventory of Polaris Side-by-Side UTVs at our four locations in Missouri, is ready and capable of helping you select the UTVs that match your specific needs and desires.

Service of Your Polaris Side-by-Side

Consider the effort it will take to keep your Polaris Side-by-Side regularly serviced. With our four locations in Joplin, Mountain Grove, Rogersville, and Lockwood, S&H Farm Supply is conveniently located in Southwest Missouri, so that you can avoid long trips to the dealer for servicing your vehicle or the purchasing accessories. Our service department stands ready to help you keep your UTV in tiptop condition.

Financing of Your Polaris Side-by-Side

Our sales department at S&H Farm Supply is ready to help you find the best financing options for your new or used Polaris Side-by-Side.

As Southwest Missouri’s premiere Polaris dealer and ATV sales center, S&H Farm Supply can help you navigate the options of Polaris Side-by-Side UTVs to find the right UTV to fit your needs. Visit one of our locations today to find the perfect UTV for your family!