Polaris 570

Should I Buy A New or Used Polaris 570

Should I Buy A New or Used Polaris 570

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 23 September 2016 | Comments

Polaris 570

A Few Things to Look for in a New or Used Polaris 570

The Polaris Sportsman 570 is one of the most versatile UTVs in the industry. From its powerful ProStar® EFI engine, delivering 44HP of power, to its comfortable & proven independent suspension, to its on-demand AWD, the Polaris 570 is hard to beat. Models range from the base model Sportsman 570 starting at MSRP $6699, in Sage Green or Indy Red, to the top of the line Polaris Sportsman 570 EPS Polaris Pursuit Camo which tops out with an MSRP of $8099. Whether your intention is recreational off-roading, hunting or weekend trips to the cabin in the woods, you won’t go wrong with a Polaris 570.

But should you buy a new or used Polaris 570? What are the benefits and pitfalls of buying used vs.new? Let’s see.

Buying a New Polaris 570 From a Reputable Polaris Dealer

Whether buying a new or used UTV, it is important for the consumer to identify the specific features that are needed from an ATV or UTV. Determining these needs can be challenging for a first-time buyer and a reputable Polaris dealer can be very helpful in determining which Polaris 570 model is right for the consumer. Buying a brand new Polaris Sportsman will come with a warranty, giving the consumer peace of mind should an issue occur early during your ownership of the four wheeler.  Lastly, a certified Polaris dealer successfully helps the consumer navigate financing options for the purchase of any ATV for sale.

Buying a Used Polaris 570

No doubt about it, buying a used ATV or UTV can save you a lot of money. The ideal situation, of course, would be to purchase a used Polaris 570 where the maintenance record is known to you because it is coming from your best buddy. However, that doesn’t often happen, so the savvy consumer needs to be aware of things to look for when buying a used vehicle.

When shopping for a used Polaris 570, be sure to do the following:

  • Talk to the seller and listen for any hints as to the 570’s history. Ask probing but polite questions.

  • Pull the dipstick to check the condition of the engine oil. Check the oil filter if possible.

  • Note if the four tires are evenly worn or not. Also, note if they are very worn, as that may mean an investment in better tires soon after purchase.

  • Inspect the driveline for wear and tear in the suspension and CV joints.

  • Inspect the frame for rust, bends, dings, welds that do not look original to the frame, all of which can indicate previous damage.

Of course, buying your used Polaris 570 from a reputable Polaris dealer comes with certain comforts. A reputable dealer will clean the vehicle, inspect it and properly repair any damage.  S&H Farm Supply features a large inventory of used Polaris 570 models that are eligible for an extended warranty, giving you the buyer, peace of mind.

Your Choice

Whether you purchase your Polaris 570 new or used, is up to you, the consumer. S&H Farm Supply and our experienced staff are ready to walk you through the ATV sales selection process, from determining your needs through selection, financing, and delivery of your Polaris Sportsman 570 UTV. Contact us today or visit one of our four locations in southwest Missouri.