S&H Farm Supply Tips: How to Avoid Flipping your ATV

S&H Farm Supply Tips: How to Avoid Flipping your ATV

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 21 September 2016 | Comments

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Advice on How to Maintain Control of Your ATV from S&H Farm Supply

Most of the time, your S&H Farm Supply ATV makes for a very pleasurable and adrenalin-driven experience. However, flipping your ATV can change all that in an instant. Oftentimes, you can flip your four wheeler even if you are an extremely experienced and safe ATV rider. So, it is necessary to know what to do if you get into a situation where your four wheeler flips or rolls.

Why Do ATVs Flip?

Your four wheeler from S&H Farm Supply can flip for several reasons. Some of the more common reasons this vehicle may roll include:

  • Quick vehicle speed

  • Lack of stability

  • Inexperience

  • Riding on improper or unpredictable terrain

  • Improper maintenance

  • Vehicle malfunction

ATV Control Tips

  • Safety Check: Before you even hop on that S&H Farm Supply ATV, check your vehicle to make sure that it is working properly. If there are any concerns about the maintenance or functionality of your ATV, do not ride the vehicle and contact your Polaris dealer immediately.

  • Comfort: Correct any uncomfortable aspects of the ATV such as the seat position, handlebars and levers.

  • Off-Road Driving: Most of your S&H Farm Supply ATVs were not made for driving on a paved road. Make sure to drive your vehicle on the natural terrain or the trail and off the pavement.

  • Limitations: Be sure to read the owner's manual for your S&H Farm Supply ATV. Know the limitations of the vehicle and abide by these limitations religiously.

What to Do If Your ATV Flips

Sometimes, flipping your four wheeler is unavoidable. Below are a few steps to take if this nerve-racking situation happens to you.

  • Brace Yourself and Remain Calm: Flipping an ATV is very dangerous and can result in fatal injuries. Do you best to stay calm and brace yourself when your vehicle flips. If possible, try to safely remove yourself from the four wheeler when it rolls over.

  • Contact Help: Seek help and call 911. Also, make an appointment with your primary care physician to monitor any injuries.

  • Call Professionals: Do not try to flip your ATV back over on your own. Contact a professional for help such as a towing company. Also be sure to contact S&H Farm Supply for repair advice or for help finding new vehicle.

Contact S&H Farm Supply for More Information

If you are thinking about purchasing an ATV or are needing new parts for your four wheeler, contact S&H Farm Supply. We are a trusted Polaris dealer and are ATV experts. Stop by our store today!