S&H Farm Supply Safety Tips for ATVs in Winter

S&H Farm Supply Safety Tips for ATVs in Winter

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 8 December 2016 | Comments

ATV Winter Safety Tips from SH Farm Supply

ATV Winter Safety Tips from S&H Farm Supply

The best part of owning an ATV is having the ability to explore with minimal regard to the type of terrain or the current weather. While you probably shouldn’t drive your ATV during a torrential thunderstorm or another dangerous weather event, it can be fun to drive your ATV in the wintertime snow. At S&H Farm Supply, we know how much fun you can have in the snow. A little bit of preparation on your vehicle can make sure you can safely enjoy your winter adventures.

Dressing Yourself Properly

Winter is cold. Yes, that seems like a fairly common sense statement, but riding on an ATV or four-wheeler from S&H Farm Supply in the snow and wintertime air means that you are going to get very cold pretty quickly. In order to really enjoy your outdoor adventures, you will want to dress the part.

Layering is key when riding your ATV or four-wheeler in the snow. The first layer you should wear needs to be something close to your skin that absorbs moisture. There are several kinds of performance clothes designed to keep in your body heat and prevent too much sweating. On top of the first layer, you should wear something like fleece or another fabric that keeps you warm and dry. You won’t want this layer to be super bulky because it can restrict your ability to move. Your top layer should be a coat and pants that are waterproof and breathable.

Don’t forget to protect your face, hands, and feet too! Find gloves that will protect your hands while still allowing you to control your ATV. You can buy a snowmobile helmet to both protect your face from the elements and reduce the possibility of injury should you crash your ATV. A good pair of insulated, cold weather boots will keep your feet warm and help prevent things like frostbite.

Preparing Your ATV

Doing a little bit of maintenance on your ATV before you go on your winter adventures can save you from having problems later. Taller tires than the typical stock ATV tires will give you better traction on ice and snow. You may want to change the motor oil to one that has a better resistance to colder temperatures. There are a number of different kits available that can make your ATV or four-wheeler from S&H Farm Supply even more fun and safe in the wintertime, as well.

ATVS from S&H Farm Supply

If you are in the market for an ATV or four-wheeler to have some fun in the winter snow, we have what you are looking for at S&H Farm Supply! We specialize in ATV sales. For more information about any of the products we have for sale, contact us at S&H Farm Supply today!