S&H Farm Supply on Common ATV Issues

S&H Farm Supply on Common ATV Issues

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 25 August 2016 | Comments

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If you have an ATV, S&H Farm Supply wants to share about some common ATV issues.

Wheezing, Sputtering, Whining and Squealing

Fast-pace, off-road vehicles are great for enjoying the summer, but nothing makes the heart drop in your chest faster than your ATV making a new noise that you don’t recognize. If you’re planning a fun trip or are getting the four wheelers for kids ready, a rough start or no start can put a hamper on weekend plans. Here at S&H Farm Supply as a registered Polaris dealer, we hear about problems some ATV’s have and would like to keep you informed on signs and symptoms of problems you may hear coming from your vehicle.

Air Filter

There are many things that can go wrong with engines, and most can be prevented with adequate maintenance. S&H Farm Supply shares about some signs that you may have a dirty air filter: a misfiring engine, lower fuel economy, or a coughing sound while idling. It is recommended to change the air filter consistently to ensure there is enough air coming in to mix with fuel properly. Conveniently, with most Polaris models, the air filter is easy to remove, and it is located under the seat. An air filter that comes in contact with oil or water should be discarded.

Carburetor Problems

The carburetor is in charge of ensuring your engine is getting the proper mixture of air and fuel. If you are noticing a rough idle, black smoke out of the exhaust, backfiring or overheating, S&H Farm Supply suggests taking a look at your carburetor. While cleaning the carburetor isn’t a difficult project, removing it can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Leaving the carburetor dirty can have serious impacts on your engine and should be looked into quickly.

Battery Issues

Turning the key and having your ATV not start can be very upsetting. Over time, batteries can lose charge and may need to be replaced. Usually, a clicking sound and absolutely no electric sensors turning on are signs of a battery not working correctly. When getting a new battery, S&H Farm Supply will ensure the right battery is given for your Polaris vehicle. During the wintertime, most batteries lose charge more quickly. Luckily, there are options S&H Farm Supply can give you that will help keep your battery charged longer while not in use.


Knowing when to replace your brakes is an important part of vehicle safety. Hearing a high-pitched screeching sound when applying your brakes is usually a good warning. When applying your brakes and noticing your vehicle starting to pull to one side, it could be a warning that your brakes need replacement. If you hear a grinding sound, this means your brake pads are completely worn out; any more braking can begin to seriously damage your vehicle. If you recently purchased your vehicle, you are more likely to hear these sounds if you got it from a four wheeler for sale ad as opposed to a dealer. Here at S&H Farm Supply, we want to keep you and your vehicle safe. We offer premier Polaris parts to ensure your safety.

Consult the Experts at S&H Farm Supply

If you’re dealing with an ATV issue that you can’t seem to resolve, contact the experts at S&H Farm Supply. We’re happy to help you work through any problems you may be having! Contact us today.