S&H Farm Supply: New vs. Used Tractor

S&H Farm Supply: New vs. Used Tractor

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 13 December 2016 | Comments

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Choosing a New or Used Tractor from S&H Farm Supply

At S&H Farm Supply, we know that finding a new tractor for your farm or business is not a decision that you take lightly. A tractor is a big investment, and you want to get the best value for your money. We sell both new and used tractors at S&H Farm Supply, and have gathered some of the benefits and risks of both for you to make the most informed decision with your tractor purchase.

Buying a New Tractor

Buying a tractor brand-new has its pros and cons. A new tractor is typically more reliable than a used tractor because it hasn’t had the opportunity to get damaged. New tractors also have manufacturer warranties that can cover maintenance costs, which can be extremely helpful. It can be easier to get financing for a new tractor as well.

There are a few drawbacks to purchasing a new tractor. Primarily, the cost of a new tractor is much higher than a used tractor. There also may be design flaws with the new tractor that haven’t been discovered yet because of the newness of the design. Like with any new vehicle, the moment the new tractor is delivered, it begins to lose value. If you plan on using the new tractor for a few years and then want to sell it, you probably won’t get nearly the amount you originally paid.

Buying a Used Tractor

A used tractor is also a viable option to many. Most manufacturer defects have already been discovered and repaired, which is a huge plus. Used tractors are often significantly cheaper than new tractors, and they don’t typically depreciate in value as rapidly as new tractors do. The price of used tractors can even sometimes be negotiated, meaning you may get an even better price on the tractor.

A used tractor does not come without its risks. Used tractors don’t come with manufacturer warranties, meaning that you are responsible for all the maintenance costs. It can be harder to get financing for a used tractor as well. There also may not be an accurate maintenance log available, so you don’t know how much work has been done to the tractor or if a specific part has continued problems.

New and Used Tractors from S&H Farm Supply

Whether you are in the market for a new or used tractor, S&H Farm Supply can help! We offer a variety of both new and used tractors to meet your home or farm needs. S&H Farm Supply also specializes in ATV sales and carry a number of other products. For more information about any of our tractors or the other products we sell, contact us at S&H Farm Supply today!