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S&H Farm Supply Guide to Buying Used Tractors

S&H Farm Supply Guide to Buying Used Tractors

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 25 March 2016 | Comments


What you need to know before buying a used tractor from S&H Farm Supply.

Buying a used tractor can be a practical choice for the part time, small-time, or full-time farmer. But much like buying a used car, buying a used tractor poses many questions. How do you know what used tractor to buy, what do you look for, do you really need the extra Horsepower? The list is never-ending. That’s why we at S&H Farm Supply have taken the time to provide an ‘all you need to know’ guide to help you through the process of purchasing such a tractor.

How Used are you Willing to go?

Yes, any tractor built after the 50’s could serve as a viable all-purpose utility tractor. However, the older the model is, the less versatile it will be. Newer models, although, have more advanced systems, which could prove to be equally as troublesome if you’re not familiar with it. Be mindful of the type of work you plan on doing, and the tasks you need the tractor to be able to perform, in order to help decide how old or new to buy. Still not sure? Contact us at S&H Farm Supply. We’ll help you figure things out.

Things to Look for

There are a few things to keep an eye out for when looking to purchase a used tractor; things such as: live PTO, live hydraulics, a standard three point hitch, one or more hydraulic outlets, and power steering, according to extension.psu.edu. Live PTO and live hydraulics assure that the power takeoff shaft or hydraulics are not affected by the transmission clutch. Translation: you can start and stop the PTO, or raise and lower the hydraulics regardless of whether or not the clutch is in.

Additionally, look for a Rollover Protection System (ROPS). As the name suggests, this feature protects the user if the tractor should roll over (if you are using a seatbelt, that is; technology and S&H Farm Supply can only do so much). If you’re looking for a used tractor made before the 60’s, however, the feature probably won’t be available.


After you decide how used you want your tractor to be, you should next select a model to look at. In doing so, you’ll want to ask a few mechanical questions in order to assure you get the most bang for your buck. According to extension.psu.edu, some of those questions are: does it start easy? How does it run when hot? What about the breaks? How about the steering and traction? If you feel confident in taking your child, or grandchild for a spin on the tractor after looking over these mechanical aspects, you can feel confident in its ability to perform the tasks you’re looking for.

S&H Farm Supply Conclusion

Buying a used tractor can be a stressful process. But by following the above recommendations, you’ll be able you can keep the stress, and headaches, to a minimum. Contact us at S&H Farm Supply for more information about how to buy a used tractor, or check out any other service or product we offer. We have used and new ATVs for sale, farm equipment, yard equipment and many other things.