S&H Farm Supply Fun Facts: Unconventional Uses for ATVs

S&H Farm Supply Fun Facts: Unconventional Uses for ATVs

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 21 December 2016 | Comments

S&H Farm Supply suggests using an ATV for farming

Unconventional Uses for ATVs from S&H Farm Supply

Tearing up the trails on your ATV is a blast, but ATVs can be used for more than just fun. There are tons of unique things you can do with an ATV from S&H Farm Supply. The all-terrain capabilities of these machines make the possibilities extremely varied. ATVs have been used in practical ways that deviate from their original intent for a while. We thought our readers would find it interesting to read about these uses in the S&H Farm Supply blog, so we put together some for your enjoyment.


ATVs have been making work on the farm much easier for some time now. The most obvious use for an ATV on a farm is getting around. Farms are typically pretty large pieces of land and ATVs are a quick and efficient way to zip around. Many farmers use ATVs to drive the length of their fence to check on the livestock. Farmhands can use ATVs to get more work done in less time. Another thing that makes an ATV useful on a farm is the ability to tow heavy loads. You can hitch up quite a bit of weight to an ATV and it’s easier to back up than a truck. There are also tons of attachments such as rakes and tills that you can buy for your ATV.


ATVs are a great method of transportation for hunting trips. You can get to your hunting spot much faster than walking and, best of all, you can transport your game. Putting that trophy buck on an ATV with a cargo bed attachment makes bringing it home a breeze. Of course, it’s important to be safe when hunting with an ATV. Don’t hunt on the ATV, only use it for transport to the area you’ll be hunting.

Military Use

Special forces in the military use ATVs for many different reasons. The principle reason being that the small size, speed, and all-terrain abilities of ATVS allow them to quickly move troops to and from combat areas or to other areas they need to be. These military ATVs are heavily modded for use in a potentially hostile area. Heavily reinforced roll cages and sound reducing mufflers are just a few features that are added to military ATVs. Keeping troops fresh and minimizing exhaustion is essential to their safety, and ATVs allow them to get from place to place with minimal effort.

S&H Farm Supply for Your ATV Needs

S&H Farm Supply has a great selection of ATVs for you to choose from. We are a Polaris dealer so we are sure to have an ATV that meets your needs and wants. Whether you’re just using your ATV for fun or for work, S&H Farm Supply has something for you. Contact us today or view the S&H Farm Supply website for more information.