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S&H Farm Supply: ATV Tips for a Beginner

S&H Farm Supply: ATV Tips for a Beginner

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 11 March 2016 | Comments


S&H Farm Supply identifies a few key tips to any newbie ATV rider

You just bought an ATV (perhaps it’s a Polaris Sportsman?) and you’re ready to take it for a spin. The only thing is, you’ve never really done it before and don’t know where to start. After all, an ATV – without the proper precautions and know-how – can potentially be hazardous. But for as potentially dangerous as it can be, it can be much more enjoyable when operated properly. We at S&H Farm Supply want you to experience that joy. That’s why we’ve taken the time to lay out a few beginner guidelines to operating your ATV.

Wear a Helmet

This may seem relatively elementary, but yeah, wear a helmet. There’s no incentive not to wear one (the gang at S&H Farm Supply can assure you that you won’t lose any cool points). Keeping that noggin of yours safe is the thing that matters most, and strapping on a helmet can severely reduce your chance of injury (do we sound like parents? Good!). Enough said.

Inspect Pre-Ride

Keeping up with maintenance and inspection is vital to the quality and durability of your ATV. Check tire pressure, oil, and coolant levels before you ride. Not only will it keep you safer, but it will also save you costs down the road (or trail!)

Pick a Beginners Area

Remember, you’re a newbie, not Travis Pastrana. And as cool as it sounds to double back flip your ATV, it’s just not realistic – yet. That’s why we at S&H Farm Supply recommend you find a beginner trail to first learn how to handle your ATV. Become better acquainted with your ATV – learn how it drives, and responds to your different commands – and then we can start talking about those double back flips.


Like sitting at a desk all day behind a computer, proper posture can go a long way to making your experience a more comfortable one – not to mention safer. Myatvblog.com recommends you do this by relaxing your shoulders, keeping your elbows slightly bent (and away from the body), and your knees bent in toward the gas tank. When done correctly, you’re positioning will vaguely resemble the athletic position you would take up if you were playing shortstop for the Yankees.

Starting and Stopping

This one is rather self explanatory. Practice starting and stopping to get a feel for how your ATV responds to the commands. Experiment stopping in different gears and target specific points to stop in. Doing so will ensure you avoid any undesirable fates – like not stopping when you want to stop.

S&H Farm Supply Overview

ATVs are meant to be fun and useful – not dangerous. By following the guidelines above, you’ll ensure you accomplish just that. For more information on ATVs, or our ATV sales, visit our website or swing by our brick and mortar location. Our staff at S&H Farm Supply will be more than happy to answer any questions you have!