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S&H Farm Supply Advice: How to Gear Up to Ride Your ATV

S&H Farm Supply Advice: How to Gear Up to Ride Your ATV

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 31 October 2016 | Comments



A safe ATV ride is a fun ATV ride, so be sure to take along these essential gear items.

When visiting S&H Farm Supply to browse all of the cool four wheelers, you’re probably already making big plans for all sorts of fun. Choosing the right type of four-wheel recreational vehicle for your needs is certainly a priority at S&H Farm Supply, and we know you’re excited to check out awesome ATV models such as the Polaris Sportsman. But remember, safety is also a high priority for riders of all ages, and we’ve compiled a list of items that are important to bring along for the ride. S&H Farm Supply wants to make sure you enjoy your vehicle safely!

Quality Helmet

When you’re out there on the trail or on rugged terrain, you never know what’s just up ahead, or around the bend. You could be having the best ride of your life when all of a sudden you hit a bumpy spot, and next thing you know, you’re sailing through the air, and you hit the ground hard. A good quality helmet is the only thing capable of protecting your head from serious injury. Technology and research have greatly improved sports helmet design, and wearing one can truly save your life.

Protective Gear

Basic protective gear for the ATV rider includes sturdy glasses or goggles, comfortable gloves made from durable material and a rugged pair of boots. Depending on the terrain, you may also want to wear long pants, socks, and long-sleeved tops.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always good to have around, especially when you’re going on longer rides that take you over miles of rural, off-road terrain. Even on relatively tame tracks, you should be prepared for minor injuries that may occur unexpectedly.

Tire Repair Kit and Winch

Many ATV riders have experienced tire problems of some sort. Avoid being stranded by always taking a tire repair kit with you. Essential items include tire plugs for patching up holes, an air pump for flats, and a winch for those stuck-in-the-mud days. We recommend choosing a top-rated winch over cheaper brands, simply because when push comes to shove, you want a tough tool that can handle the weight of the vehicle without snapping.

Basic Tool Kit

Sometimes it’s the little things that go wrong, which end up causing trouble during the ride. Be prepared for emergencies and mishaps by packing a basic ATV tool kit. Include a compact flashlight, vice-grips, duct tape, compass, map, zip-ties and a Swiss army knife. It’s also a good idea to have tools for starting a fire, just in case you get stranded in the woods.

Backup Gasoline

Get an empty gas can and fill it up with gas before you head out on the road. This one act can save you from spending long hours waiting for help should you burn more fuel than expected.

Emergency Tow Strap

Be proactive and include a tow strap in your basic gear kit. This versatile tool is useful in any number of situations.

Ask any or our friendly staff at S&H Farm Supply about the importance of safety gear and feel free to ask them more questions about what you might need.

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