Preparing Your Polaris Side By Side for Spring

Preparing Your Polaris Side By Side for Spring

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 17 May 2016 | Comments

Polaris Side By Side

Get your Polaris side by side reading for riding.

The arrival of spring means it is almost off-roading season. After a long winter, it’s finally time to fire up the Polaris side by side and hit the trail. Before you get going, however, there are a few spring maintenance checks you should perform to ensure your ATV or UTV is operating at an optimal level.

Polaris Side By Side Fluid Checks

You will want to check the oil before taking your Polaris side by side out on the trails or in the mud this spring and summer. At the very least, you’ll need to top it off, and if your oil has a discolored appearance, just change it altogether. While you’re at it, check all your fluids for particles and contaminants. If any fluids look cloudy, go ahead and replace them. If applicable, drain your carburetor and make sure there is no damage from moisture.

Polaris Side By Side Plug and Filter Maintenance

Before firing up your Polaris side by side this spring, conduct a thorough check of your spark plugs and replace any that appear to be compromised. The presence of excess antifreeze, water or fuel indicates the need for new spark plugs. Closely examine your air filter as well. Make sure the filter is free of dirt and debris. If you notice any considerable tearing, it is probably time for a new air filter.

Polaris Side By Side System Tests

Closely inspect the fuel system of your Polaris side by side. Replace any hoses that appear to be cracked or corroded. Drain any fuel that has been sitting in the tank throughout the winter. If you notice any odors other than fuel during this process, then you may need a mechanic to take a more in-depth look.

Perform a similar exercise with your Polaris side by side’s cooling system. Inspect all hoses and replace any that show signs of wear and tear. Tighten any loose clamps and top off the coolant. If at any point during this process you happen to notice oil seeping into the cooling passages, this could indicate another issue requiring the attention of a trained professional.

Nothing puts the brakes on a day of off-roading quite like a dead battery, so be sure to check it before you go out. If your Polaris side by side’s battery won’t hold a charge, you can pick up a new one at any Polaris dealer, including your local S&H Farm Supply. Once you’ve verified that you have a good battery, double check to make sure your lights and other electrical components are working normally.

Speaking of brakes, test the ones on your Polaris side by side to ensure the proper responsiveness. Make certain all cables and levers are sufficiently lubricated and in good repair. Perform similar inspections of your clutch and throttle.

You’ve been patiently waiting throughout the winter to climb atop your Polaris side by side and discover what all-terrain adventure awaits. Don’t let the excitement get cut short by a maintenance problem that could have been avoided. By following these routine maintenance tips from S&H Farm Supply, you’ll be mudding and four-wheeling all season long.