Polaris Snowmobiles for Winter Recreation

Polaris Snowmobiles for Winter Recreation

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 20 January 2016 | Comments

Polaris snowmobiles

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In many areas of the country, an outdoor recreational activity involving snow is a no-brainer. Skiers and snowboarders alike live for the snow. But if you’re a trail-blazing, ATV loving midwesterner looking for outdoor fun close to home - consider Polaris snowmobiles for added outdoor fun. Snowmobiles can help you to get out on the trail when it might not be safe to haul out your ATV. Polaris - known for it’s ATVs and UTVs also has many choices when it comes to snowmobiles. Here are your choices in a nutshell.


The Rush line of Polaris Snowmobiles includes the 800 Rush Pro-S, the 800 Rush Pro-S LE, the 600 Rush Pro-S, and the 800 Rush Pro-X. The Rush snowmobiles are built with trail riding in mind. The Rush models all include the Rider-Balanced Axys Chassis - which gives more control to the rider and keeps the rider comfortable. The Pro-S series snowmobiles are built for riders looking for advanced cornering and handling while avoiding sutter bumps. The Pro-X model is built to handle large bumps and ditches. Pro-X riders are mainly stand-up riders ready for anything the trail has to offer them.


The Switchback Polaris snowmobiles are built for both on and off trail performance. The Polaris 800 Switchback Pro-S was the winner at the 2015 AMSNOW Shootout in the categories of fastest ¼ mile top speed, quickest ¼ mile ET, and Best Average ET. The Switchback Adventure Polaris snowmobile allows riders to carry a passenger, or to ride solo. It is well suited for both on and off trail riding. The Switchback Assault is a very versatile snowmobile - also offering on and off trail riding, but no room for a passenger.


The RMK - short for Rocky Mountain King - is the perfect snowmobile for deep snow and mountain or hilly riding. These Polaris snowmobiles are the lightest mountain snowmobile available and have the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry. Choose between the PRO-RMK (the lightest and strongest mountain snowmobile in its class), the SKS (a versatile deep snow crossover sled), the Assault (a tough backcountry sled, built to perform in extreme conditions) and the RMK (for all terrain mountain riders looking for a great value).

Indy - Recreational and Performance

The Performance Indy is possibly the most well-known snowmobile in the industry. Built for trail riding - the Indy Performance line of Polaris snowmobiles is known for its excellent handling out on the trail. The Indy Recreational Utility vehicles are built for versatility - whether you need them to replace your ATV during the winter months hauling loads around the farm, or you’re looking for a great trail-riding adventure - the Indy Recreational line is perfect for you. With multiple models that have room for a passenger - the Indy is a vehicle you can use to bring the family together in the winter outdoors.

Whether you’re in need of a replacement ATV on the farm, or a recreational vehicle to hit the trails and mountains with - Polaris has a snowmobile that is perfect for you. Check with your local polaris dealer today to learn more about these vehicles. S&H Farm Supply has a variety of snowmobiles and ATVs for sale, so stop by one of our four convenient locations.