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Polaris Dealers Offer Advice on Common ATV Issues

Polaris Dealers Offer Advice on Common ATV Issues

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 27 October 2015 | Comments


Previous S&H Farm Supply articles have already covered some of the things you might find yourself fixing on your Polaris ATV. And, as a Polaris dealer, we know all about some of the common problems that are encountered by all-terrain vehicle owners. Keep reading to learn more about the most common ATV issues.   

Riding Too Hard

Probably the easiest way to damage your ATV, riding too roughly or too hard will really accelerate the damage and wear. While all ATVs are built for durability, damaging the plastic body, the frame, suspension or any other moving part will incur costs for you. You should also make sure that your ATV is equipped and ready for the different conditions you plan to use it for – such as different weather conditions, as well as the actual terrain.

You should also make sure that anyone else riding your ATV is aware of safety precautions that they need to take, not just for themselves but for the vehicle too. Someone who is unfamiliar with all-terrain riding is more likely to get hurt, or cause damage.

Ignition Problems

Ignition problems can be a common issue with all-terrain vehicles, as any Polaris dealer will know. Your ATV won’t do you much good without a working ignition, so you should keep a keen eye on how it’s working to catch any problems early. Look out for any buildup or corrosion, and make sure that there’s a space in the spark gap. If you find anything wrong with your ignition, replace it – don’t wait until it fails.

Engine Issues

Further along on the complication scale for ATVs from ignition problems are engine issues. It is likely that you will be riding your Polaris ATV on a rough terrain. Because of this, you could easily be getting a lot of mud and liquid build up in the parts you can’t normally see. Without checking for build up, you could end up with clogged air filters and an overheating engine.

Neglecting General Maintenance

Maintaining the engine – whether it’s checking it for build up or signs of future problems – is really important for the long-term performance of your Polaris ATV. What helps even more is to apply this maintenance to the whole vehicle. Regularly check your tires, inspect the plastic body for cracks and damage, test the suspension, the charge of the battery, the function of the headlights – everything down to the condition of the seat. Even things that seem minor will help extend the life of your vehicle, and prevent you from having to visit a shop, or a Polaris dealer for a whole new ATV.

Ignoring the Owner’s Manual

We’ve said it before, but we’re happy to say it again – always hold on to your owner’s manual. Any Polaris dealer, or sales people for any type of vehicle, will tell you the same. Just like a car or truck, all terrain vehicles have almost all of the information you need. Throwing away, or just plain forgetting about, the owner’s manual means coping without your first line of defense against problems, wear and tear.

S&H Is Your Polaris Dealer

If all the maintenance and repairs haven’t been able to save your ATV, S&H Farm Supply is an experienced Polaris dealer. We can help you find your vehicle and get your back on the road- dirt or otherwise!atv