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Polaris 570 EPS vs. Yamaha Raptor 700

Polaris 570 EPS vs. Yamaha Raptor 700

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 1 July 2016 | Comments


Here’s how the 2015 Polaris 570 EPS and the Yamaha Raptor 700 stack up.

S&H Farm Supply carries many different brands and models to suit all your ATV or UTV needs. With so many options and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which model is right for your recreational and utility needs.

In this post, we compare two popular models: the Polaris 570 EPS and the Yamaha Raptor 700. These two ATVs are similar in price and specifications, but each one is suited to different activities. Let’s see how these powerful machines stack up to determine which one is best for your needs.

The Specs

Both the Polaris 570 EPS and the Yamaha Raptor 700 are single rider ATVs and are comparable in size. The Polaris 570 EPS enjoys a few more inches of ground clearance than the Yamaha Raptor 700 and outweighs the Yamaha Raptor 700 by a staggering 291 pounds. A wide wheelbase of 50 inches gives both models stable precision handling.

The Power

The Yamaha Raptor 700 houses an impressive 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve engine, but the Polaris 570 EPS’s 4-stroke, DOHC, 1-cylinder engine offers a little more bang for your buck. The Polaris 570 boasts a 4.5 gallon gas tank versus the Yamaha Raptor’s 2.9 gallon. Both models are comparable in gas mileage, so you can enjoy your adventures much longer on the Polaris 570’s larger tank.

Additionally, the Polaris 570’s ground-crushing 4-wheel drive with automatic transmission stacks up well against the Raptor’s 2-wheel drivetrain with manual 5-speed transmission.

The Capacity

The Polaris 570 EPS is a towing and hauling machine with a 1,225 pound towing capacity and 180-pound payload capacity. The Raptor 700, on the other hand, isn’t designed for towing and hauling, but does enjoy decent suspension and shock absorption.

The Price

These two similar models are comparably priced at $7,799 MSRP (Yamaha Raptor 700) and $7,299 MSRP (Polaris 570 EPS). While these models are close in price, the right model for you depends on how you intend to use your new ATV.

Experience the Polaris 570 Up Close at S&H Farm Supply

The Polaris 570 EPS and the Yamaha Raptor 700 are both high-performing and powerful machines. The Yamaha Raptor is a great option for basic recreational activities while the Polaris 570 EPS workhorse will be an asset to any farm or workplace. S&H Farm Supply can help determine which model is perfect for your needs. Contact us today or stop by one of our convenient locations to experience the Polaris 570 or Yamaha Raptor 700 today.