Four Wheelers for Sale​ vs. Dirt Bikes for Sale

Four Wheelers for Sale​ vs. Dirt Bikes for Sale

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 11 May 2016 | Comments

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Compare four wheelers for sale to dirt bikes.

Nothing is more liberating than that first ride; whether you choose four wheelers or dirt bikes. Of course, there are some pretty noticeable differences, and this often causes riders to lean more toward one than the other. Aside from the obvious, which is of course that dirt bikes have two wheels and ATVs have four, there are some other characteristics to be aware of. Here at S&H Farm Supply, we want our customers to have all of the information before making that big decision to browse or buy four wheelers for sale.

Dirt Bike Freedom

A big difference between dirt bikes and four wheelers for sale is size. Dirt bikes are quite a bit smaller than a cumbersome ATV. This means that you are able to take them into tighter trails and cover more ground. Of course, the tradeoff here is that an ATV has more power behind it, giving the rider the ability to climb courses that a dirt bike might need a running start to get over.

Four Wheelers for Sale Offer Safety

Just as it is with any vehicle, the level of safety often depends on the driver. You may find, however, that you feel just a little bit safer on a four wheeler for sale, than you do a dirt bike. This is because the four wheeler gives you a greater sense of stability. There is no need to place your feet down on the ground to stable yourself, and there is a greater amount of machine between you and any obstacle you might approach.

Price Guide

Dirt bikes and four wheelers for sale come in a variety of price points. The first factor to tip the scales is whether the machine is new or used. New equipment is always more expensive; no matter how many wheels are involved. Used equipment can be a little more lenient, taking age and mileage into account.

Generally, you can get an ATV for somewhere in the $6,000 to $9,000 range, while dirt bikes fall into a category of $4,000 to $8,000, on average. At S&H Farm Supply, our price list is available to all of our clients, new and existing, and includes our clearance and sales prices. This often allows for a $2,000 price drop on many of our top brand ATV sales.

For more information on S&H Farm Supply and our four wheelers for sale, contact us today. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer questions and talk details.