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ATV Sales: Tips for Buying a Used ATV

ATV Sales: Tips for Buying a Used ATV

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 5 February 2016 | Comments

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ATV sales is a growing industry but it can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for – especially when it comes to used ATVs.

ATV sales are on the rise. When people hear others talking about all terrain vehicles they think off road recreation and fun, but people are finding multiple uses for ATVs around the home and business. Whether for personal use or recreational play, almost anyone can find a use for an ATV. If you're not looking to throw off your entire budget with a brand new ATV, used ATVs offer a great value. Below are some useful tips to know when looking to buy a used ATV.

Make sure you know what you're buying. Do your homework on ATV sales and research different brands, styles, and engines. Ask yourself, “which machine is the most practical for me?” For one person, a Polaris 570 Sportsman with its torque and horsepower, and high ground clearance would be great for personal recreational use, but they may not have a practical use for a Polaris side by side. You can even visit your local ATV dealership to get an idea of what to expect. Learn about multiple ATVs to be able to compare and contrast.

When entering the world of ATV sales, you should make it a priority to thoroughly check out the potential of an ATV or have someone with you who can. Buying a used ATV is a lot like buying a used car. Check the oil. If it doesn't look new or clean use your fingers to feel for lumps in the oil. Also, check the coolant. Make sure it isn't low or dirty. These problems can cause hidden damage in an ATV.

Inspect the ATV frame – overall appearance matters. In used ATV sales, you expect one to have some scratches and a few dents, but what you don't want to see is a crooked frame or an ATV that is leaning to one side. This will cause further complications down the road. Also, inspect the tires. Tires are a substantial cost and could be a deal breaker if they are too worn. However, if the tires are too worn and not in good shape you could try using them to negotiate the overall price of the ATV down to a more reasonable offer.

Don't be afraid or too timid to ask the seller if you can perform these tasks. People who deal with ATV sales are used to this sort of thing and come to expect it. This is also a great chance to get to know the seller more personally. If it's an ATV sales company such as S&H Farm Supply, ask them about warranties they offer. When buying from an individual seller, make sure to start a paper trail to protect yourself and the seller. Get some kind of receipt that tells exactly what you bought, has the VIN, and states that you paid for the machine in full. You can also try to find out why they are selling the ATV.

ATV Sales at S&H Farm Supply

If you're new to ATVs, shop around. Don't settle for the first one you come across. ATV sales is a booming industry with much to offer, especially at S&H Farm Supply. Know what you want, be persistent, and make it a great buying experience by consulting our experienced sales staff for tips and advice. If you need help or don’t know where to start, contact S&H Farm Supply today. We’d be happy to help!