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ATV Sales: How to Finance Your New ATV

ATV Sales: How to Finance Your New ATV

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 23 September 2016 | Comments

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ATV Sales: Affording a New ATV

After what seems like an interminable amount of time, you have done your ATV homework—determining your ATV needs, investigating various models of four wheelers for sale, visiting the dealerships and finally, selecting an ATV machine with exactly the bells and whistles that fit your requirements. It’s time to visit S&H Farm Supply, your local ATV sales dealership.

ATV Sales: Financing Availability

Since ATVs and UTVs are a rather unique form of transportation, not all banks and lending institutions will finance the purchase of these vehicles. In some cases, only the purchase of new vehicles can be financed. It is important when going through the ATV sales process that you contact your bank or lending institution to determine if financing is available at all, and if so, at what APR or interest rate. Many purchasers may pay cash or even use a credit card to purchase their ATV or UTV. When financing your purchase, it is important to remember that the interest accrued can substantially inflate the actual dollar amount paid, and it pays to shop around for a good interest rate. A reputable Polaris dealer, such as S&H Farm Supply, will be in a position to help you navigate the waters of ATV financing easily and competently.

Things to Look For Pertaining to ATV Loans

Financing the purchase of an ATV or UTV is a very attractive option for those seeking a new machine or one with more features.  When looking at loans, some things to consider are:

  • Is the interest rate high or low?

  • Is the interest rate fixed over the life of the loan?

  • Is the loan available up to 72 months?

  • Is there an additional application fee?

  • Can I apply online?

Checking for these items can save you, the consumer, from additional, unnecessary loan and application fees, saving you money as you complete your ATV sale.

S&H Farm Supply Financing Programs

At S&H Farm Supply, Missouri’s leading Polaris dealer, we want to be your ATV Sales store. Each of our S&H Farm Supply locations in southwest Missouri, in Joplin, Lockwood, Mountain Grove and Rogersville, can facilitate your financing needs through our ATV Sales Departments. We deal with a variety of financing companies for your ATV sales needs. Our professional Finance Managers at our four locations can help you find the proper financing company to suit your down payment and payment schedule for the vehicle you are purchasing. Visit one of our four S&H Farm Supply locations today!