Advantages of Buying an ATV from a Polaris Dealer Vs. Buying From an Individual

Advantages of Buying an ATV from a Polaris Dealer Vs. Buying From an Individual

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 8 August 2016 | Comments

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A Polaris dealer could be more beneficial to you than an individual seller when buying an ATV.

At S&H Farm Supply, we believe that simply answering an ATV for sale ad from a local seller may not be in the individual’s best interest. People who have never had a Polaris vehicle may not be aware of the vehicle that’s right for their needs.

Some Polaris rides such as the Polaris RZR 1000 are great for riding through dunes and hilly areas. But when shopping for four wheelers for kids, other options might be necessary. There are many benefits of dealing with a Polaris dealer instead of buying from an individual. Here’s some food for thought.


No one wants to be stranded on an isolated trail, especially in areas where cellular service is sketchy. As a Polaris dealer, S&H Farm supply will have inspected the vehicle and have trusted Polaris parts to help ensure that your vehicle operates at its peak performance.

Sales and Negotiation with a Polaris Dealer

While dealers may have more options, they do not have the same negotiation power that you would find going to a private dealer. Private dealers are not held to the same standards as Polaris dealers, and they lack the fees accrued from sales teams and holding places that dealers have. Usually, dealers are less able to negotiate prices, but trained sales staff is better able to help you find the right ATV for you.


When purchasing Polaris parts, we use Polaris brands that are trusted and guaranteed to work. Buying used ATV’s puts the customer at risk of receiving parts that may not work properly with the vehicles and they may offer very little to no protection if anything goes wrong.  

Replacement Parts

When accidents happen, finding the proper piece of equipment to repair your vehicle can be tricky. Many websites and personal sellers offer parts, but it can be frustrating buying a piece that doesn’t connect correctly or simply doesn’t work. Shopping at a registered Polaris dealer can offer you the correct replacement part you need, saving you both time and money.   

Financing Purchases

When purchasing a Polaris vehicle, financing may be an issue. Some people may end up getting a cheaper used model from a personal seller for financial reasons. Polaris dealers are willing to give buyers flexible options when it comes to financing your new Polaris ride. The flexibility Polaris dealers offer can help people looking for an ATV get a newer and more reliable model.

Finding the Best Option for You

A vehicle for a moderate trail riders and hunters may be the Polaris 570 with its one-cylinder engine. For an experienced rider who wants more stock power and size, the Polaris RZR 1000 with the 2-cylinder engine an 110-stock horsepower may be a better option. Perhaps, getting tracks for your ATV can be an adequate alternative to a winter snowmobile. Unlike private dealers, Polaris dealers have many options that people can choose from that can help maximize the buyer’s personal experience.   

To shop with a local Polaris dealer here in Southwest Missouri, stop by one of our S&H Farm Supply locations in Lockwood, Mountain Grove, Joplin or Rogersville or contact us today.