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5 Uses for a Polaris Side By Side

5 Uses for a Polaris Side By Side

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 21 July 2016 | Comments

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A Polaris Side by Side has countless uses. Here are five to start with.

Yes, utility terrain vehicles are a fun addition to your recreational repertoire. But there are also plenty of ways to put the “utility” in these powerful UTVs. The Polaris Side by Side UTV is the perfect tool for heavy duty fun as well as heavy duty work. Here are just a few ways your new Polaris side by side can take your routine to the extreme:

1. Sport and Racing

Commanding off-road performance, extreme suspension and best-in-class ergonomics come together to make Polaris Sport Side by Side models the envy of sport UTVs. Precision handling and world-class performance give you the power to dominate the track.

2. Access

You have places to go, and often times it’s not easy to get there. The Polaris Side by Side can get you there when nothing else can. Our tough steel frames and sturdy all-terrain tires can conquer the most unforgiving obstacles, making the Polaris Side by Side an ideal UTV for search and rescue missions as well as general exploration.

3. Towing and Hauling

Many Polaris Side by Side models include dumping cargo beds and towing kits. Tackle the toughest jobs with just the flip of a switch. The easy-to-use controls and precision handling take the load off your shoulders. Some Polaris Side by Side models can be outfitted with a winch for particularly heavy duty tasks.

4. Legalize it

Make your Polaris Side by Side UTV street legal with just a few minor modifications for the ultimate in control and performance. Whether you’re taking a shift on the neighborhood watch patrol or just need some extra horsepower for weekend projects, the Polaris Side by Side puts power at your fingertips.

5. Youth

The Polaris 170 EFI Side by Side model is a perfect introduction to the exciting world of four wheelers for kids. Don’t worry: this model is packed with safety features to help your kids learn the basics of UTVs as safely as possible. The parent-adjustable speed limiter keeps your daredevil’s leadfoot in check while front and rear disc brakes provide extreme control.

Polaris offers a Side by Side model for all of your sport, recreation, and utility needs. With an impressive range of models, features, and specifications, you’re sure to find a model to meet your needs – without breaking the bank. The helpful, friendly staff at S&H Farm Supply can help you select the model that’s perfect for you. Call or visit us today and take home the ultimate in power and performance.