10 Polaris Four Wheeler ATV Accessories for a Better Ride

10 Polaris Four Wheeler ATV Accessories for a Better Ride

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 27 October 2015 | Comments

Polaris four wheeler accessories worth the investment.

Polaris four wheelerIf you’ve just recently purchased a new or used Polaris four wheeler, you’ve likely experienced the many amazing qualities and benefits of these powerful vehicles. The only way you can get a better ride is to check out these four wheeler accessories that will further enhance your riding experience. Below are 10 featured Polaris accessories worth investing in.

Koplin Gun Boot IV

The Koplin Gun Boot IV is perfect for Polaris four wheeler owners wanting to take along a rifle or shotgun for the ride for hunting or trapshooting. The gun boot can be mounted to Rangers, RZRs, Sportsmans and ACE and provides a safe way for four wheel riders to attach a firearm to their ATV. This gun boot has a padded interior and is water resistant and dust-proof. The Koplin Gun Boot IV fits most rifles and shotguns.

Polaris Interactive Digital Display

This 4.3-inch LCD digital display provides Polaris four wheeler riders with several benefits including GPS navigation, passcode-enabled security locks for Polaris Snowmobiles, and on-screen diagnostics for any issues involving ATV functionality. The Polaris Interactive Digital Display is also smartphone and Bluetooth compatible and displays incoming calls, texts, cell phone battery life and more.

Front Bumper Audio Mounting Bar

If enjoying the ride with your favorite tunes is more important to you than GPS navigation the Front Bumper Audio Mounting Bar may be the better choice for you. Suitable for podspeakers, this audio bar is mounted directly to the front of a Polaris four wheeler for an entertaining ride every time you hop on your ATV.

Sportsman Front and Back Brushguards

Not only do these front and back brushguards protect your Polaris four wheeler from potential damage caused by brush and off-road hazards, but the front brushguard can also be used with a plow system. They attach directly to the front or back of your Polaris Sportsman XP for easy installation.

Polaris Northstar 30 Qt. Cooler

This cooler is meant for the off-roading life with aluminum hatches, two full inches of insulation and a lid that locks to keep out bears and raccoons. This Polaris Northstar cooler is great both on and off the four wheeler and is ideal for hunters who want to preserve game long enough to get it back home.

Polaris Sportsman ACE Trail Bag

The Polaris Sportsman ACE Trail Bag offers ATV riders plenty of storage with four different zippered compartments. The bag can easily be attached to the back of a Polaris four wheeler with Velcro straps and can also be removed the same way. No tools needed! It can also be used alongside other Polaris accessories like coolers and storage boxes for the back of your ATV.

Sportsman XP Hand Warmers

If you plan on riding your Polaris four wheeler in a very cold environment like the winter mountains, Sportsman XP Hand Warmers can make a ride much more pleasant. These hand warmers come complete with all the wiring you need to install them on your ATV - just in time for the cooler fall weather.

Sportsman Mid Windshield

The Sportsman Mid Windshield protects riders from off-road hazards and weather factors like rain, snow, sleet and hail. (Nothing makes for a more miserable ride than getting pelted in the face with hail.) This windshield ensures that you can hop on your Polaris four wheeler without worrying about rain or snow becoming a visual obstacle.

Glacier Pro 66” Ranger Poly Plow Blade

Speaking of rain and snow, the Ranger Poly Plow Blade is great for Ranger Polaris four wheelers outfitted to clear snow from residential driveways. The Polaris Ranger ETX and Ranger 570 models can both handle this plow blade which is rustproof, durable and provides exterior protection while plowing.

Sportsman 570 Lock & Ride Backrest

Never climb off your Polaris four wheeler with a sore back again thanks to the Sportsman 570 Lock & Ride Backrest. This backrest makes comfort easy with the mounting hardware included and simple installation. The Sportsman 570 Lock & Ride Backrest provides both comfort and support for the long-distance ATV rider.

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