Polaris Dealer: The History of ATVs

Polaris Dealer: The History of ATVs

Posted by Caleb Werhman on 30 January 2017 | Comments

Polaris Dealers Have Helped ATVs Come a Long Way in Recent Years

Your Local Polaris Dealer Uncovers the History of ATVs

One of the most useful vehicles in existence today is the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) also known as the quad or four-wheeler. ATVs have the ability to provide mobility and hauling power in rough terrain and unusual circumstances, whether for work or recreational use. But just how did these vehicles come into existence? Let an official Polaris Dealer and experienced ATV sales team uncover the recent history of ATVs.

The Very Early Years

Somewhat surprisingly, the first ATV-like, four-wheeled machines appeared in 1893, over 124 years ago, built by Royal Enfield, a British bicycle company, with many bicycle parts and was intended to be a horseless carriage of sorts.  With the fascination with the automobile, not much happened with what we now call an ATV until the 1960s.

Amphibious ATVs of the 60s

In the early 60s, amphibious ATVs including the Jiger, the Amphicat, and the Terra Tiger, were built as non-straddled, shallow boat-like vehicles with the ability to go on land or in the water.  The first straddled ATV like what we see today was the three-wheeled Sperry-Rand Tricart in 1968.


In the early 70s, Honda introduced the All Terrain Cycle (ATC) with balloon tires that set the stage for increasing the popularity of all-terrain vehicles.  Movies including Diamonds are Forever and various TV shows featured these types of vehicles, and their popularity soared. Farmers and other outdoor businesses as well as various other outdoor recreational enthusiasts began to see the usefulness of all-terrain vehicles, and their popularity increased even more. ATV sales began to skyrocket, and more research & development was financed by the manufacturers.

1980s & Beyond

Polaris and its Polaris dealer centers entered the market in 1985 with the Trailboss, considered the first American made ATV.  Manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, developed ATVs with more features, more options, and increased safety for all sorts of markets, leading to various offerings in today’s ATV sales market.

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