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Kuhn Mounted Rollover Plows for sale, Master 103, Multi-Master 123, Multi-Master 153, Multi-Master 183, Vari-Master 123, Vari-Master 153 for sale at S&H Farm Supply, Inc.. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Lockwood, Rogersville, Mountain Grove, and Joplin, MO.

Kuhn is the world’s largest manufacturer of rollover plows including the Master, Multi-Master and Vari-Master. They are available with 2 to 7 bottoms and can provide faster, more efficient operation with no dead furrows and less soil compaction. Kuhn Plows have many different types of moldboards to choose from depending on the season, soil conditions and trash coverage. With Kuhn’s incorporated safety systems these plows avoid wear associated with shear bolt systems.