Krone Bellima F 125

Bellima F 125 for sale at S&H Farm Supply, Inc.. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Lockwood, Rogersville, Mountain Grove, and Joplin, MO.

Bellima Round Balers Bellima F 125

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The pick-up for Bellima F 125: Our Bellima F 125 model features a 1,400 mm (4'7") EasyFlow pick-up (work width to DIN 11220) that is controlled hydraulically and locked at the desired depth. The small gap between the pick-up and the bale chamber optimizes the intake and flow of the crop.

Chain-and-slat elevator
A gripping system

  • Produces consistent 1.25 m (4'1") diameter bales
  • Provides effective bale roll, eliminates bale stop, reduces loss
    due to fragmentation
  • Requires a low tractor input
  • Is simple by design with just one drive chain

The art of refinement

Bellima – the art of refinement. Buying a Bellima means tapping into KRONE‘s vast experience and expertise gained in decades of baler manufacturing. We at KRONE understand farmers’ needs. Our round balers operate around the world and have proven excellently in a wide variety of conditions. In addition to providing high bale densities, KRONE balers are extremely robust, simple by design and perfect in specification. Last but not least, they offer superior operational reliability.

Twin twine wrapping system

Twins work twice as fast

  • Two threads cut down on the wrapping cycle
  • Well-shaped bales as tying starts / ends in the middle of the bale
  • Select the thread spacing
  • Easy-to-use system


Net wrapping

Perfect wraps for perfect bales

  • Short cycles - produce more bales per hour
  • Positive wrap start – short feed system
  • Bales break up quickly and easily in the shed
Model Bellima F 125
Bale diameter Approx. m 1.2 (3'11")
Bale width Approx. m 1.2 (3'11")
Length Approx. mm 3,700 (12'2")
Width Approx. mm 2,250 (7'5")
Height Approx. mm 1,970 (6'5.6")
Pick-up work width (to DIN 11220) Approx. mm 1,400 (4'7")
Track width Approx. mm 1,900 (6'3")
Standard tyres 10.0/75-15.3 8 PR
11.5/80-15.3 10 PR
Weight Approx. kg / lbs 1,570 (3,461.22)
Power requirement kW / hp 25 / 34
Hydraulic couplers 1 sa