Vantage X-Series EFI

Exmark Vantage X-Series EFI Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Mowers for sale at S&H Farm Supply, Inc.. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Lockwood, Rogersville, Mountain Grove, and Joplin, MO.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Mowers

Imagine a mower that doesn’t hold you back, but that works as efficiently as you do. That would be an Exmark electronic fuel injection (EFI) mower. At Exmark, we do more than just build lawn mowers. We understand the needs of landscapers and homeowners who need high-performance machines. Then we design machines that improve efficiency.

That’s why we offer a select line of mowers that include EFI with E-Gov and Red Technology, boosting fuel efficiency up to 41%. We have several EFI models designed with operator efficiency and comfort in mind. Choose from a seated or stand-on mower and enjoy the incomparable efficiency and handling of an Exmark machine.

Save Fuel and Money

A lawn mower’s fuel efficiency can be traced to the engine’s mechanics and how well they handle tough jobs. Traditional mechanical governors rely on a spring that can be slow to respond to engine loads. Have you ever noticed your mower’s engine slowing down as you tackle a rough patch or an uphill climb? As a result, you may be forced to run engines at high RPM, increasing fuel consumption and engine wear. We call this effect of decreased speed the “droop.”

Exmark's EFI mowers with E-Gov are specially designed to eliminate governor droop, allowing you to maintain engine RPM and blade speed, even under varying conditions. This technology allows your mower to operate at high performance without bingeing on fuel. These mowers save you fuel, save you money, and improve working efficiency.

Vantage X-Series EFI

Now with enhanced comfort and ergonomics.
If you’re a stand-on kind of guy, then here’s a mower that stands out from the rest. With its large operator platform and ergonomic levers, the Vantage is designed to keep you comfortable all day as you move from job to job to job. But comfort isn’t the only benefit going for it. It’s chock-full of everything that’s characteristically Exmark: durability, reliability, ruggedness, superior traction and handling. Of course you can’t forget about the kind of cut it delivers a cut that gives your goose bumps goose bumps.